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Every religion has symbols. And so does Christianity.

Biblical Concepts: Religious Symbols - The origin of the cross/crucifix, Star of David and Halo.

The Symbols - During the Nero persecution (64 AD), Christians could not profess their faith openly. Some of the symbols used were The Good Shepherd, The "Orante", The Monogram of Christ, The Fish, The Dove, The Alpha and Omega, The Anchor and The Phoenix.

What does IXOYE mean - These letters were often found written inside the symbol of fish.

Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture - An almost entire web site dedicated to explain various symbols in Christianity.


Strengthen your faith

Answering Islam - A web site dedicated to Christian response to common Muslim charges against Christianity and an evaluation of the claims of Islam.

Light of Life - Investigate Islam from a Christian point of view. This web site mainly contains booklets written by Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

Theory of Evolution - A very comprehensive web site designed to put forth that natural evolution alone cannot account for the natural biodiversity.

Answers in Genesis - God created Heaven and Earth

Bible Mysteries - Michael S. Sanders, a biblical scholar tackles various mysteries in the Bible e.g. Where is the Ark of Covenant ?